The Block Room


Little hands and big ideas can make just about anything happen here. The Block Room is stocked with building blocks, tools, animals, a kitchen, dress-up clothes, vehicles and more. From architects to zookeepers, students find the world of make believe can be a world of real fun.


The Train Room


Inside every child is a creative spirit. In the Train Room, imaginations can soar – through painting, pasting, cutting, drawing with crayons, and working with play dough. These are just a few of the activities that develop fine motor skills and the fine artist in everyone. The kids favorite area of this room is the train table.


The Running Room


Ready. Set. Go! The Running Room and the Outdoor Playground provide two great outlets for children's boundless energy. The Running Room makes any rainy day brighter with scooters, ride-on toys, soccer goal, hopscotch, bean bag toss, basketball hoops and balls; which allows the children to jump, run and play together. The Playground also helps develop motor skills, as well as socialization and sharing skills.

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