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A One-on-One Approach to Learning


Tiny Tots believes in the importance of one-on-one encouragement and attention for each child, as well as the importance of keeping the parents involved and informed of their child's progress.


In a Co-Op based school like Tiny Tots, each parent has the opportunity to view first-hand, as a Parent Helper, the quality and caring that goes into nurturing the students. Children are encouraged in groups, but attention is given to the individual needs and interests of each child. Independence and confidence are fostered with words of encouragement and praise.


Skills that Blossom


Tiny Tots is a play-based preschool, and realizes that children learn through real-world experiences and play. Circle Time is used as a time for the teacher to share stories, songs, puppets and fingerplays. Using arts and crafts, calendars, the weather wheel, exploring the colorful world of nature, food, animals, textures and shapes, Tiny Tot students build a strong foundation of learning for a strong future.


Cooperative Approach to Learning


Tiny Tots is a "co-op" based preschool, where parents have the opportunity and responsibility to get involved on a personal level as a Parent Helper. These “Special Days” enhance both the parent's and child's school experience throughout the year.


Teachers at Tiny Tots are especially caring towards each child's needs, and are degreed educators.

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